Traffic Psychology : This podcast can read your driving thoughts

Standing in the middle of the road is dangerous. You might get knocked by both sides of the traffic. For a pleasant feeling of driving on the road, co-ordination is very important… like vehicle, driver, traffic, environment and road infrastructure… If there is harmony in these five aspects, then the driving experience can be good… but attaining this harmony is difficult… 

We use mobile phones while driving. We tend to slow the traffic if we change lanes often. Vehicles moving in four lanes suddenly merge into 2 lanes. Any vehicle on the way is damaged or stuck on pavement in peak hours because a vehicle is parked to water the plants on the roadside or to fix the streetlight. There are street vendors selling vegetables or fruits on the side of the road… People park their vehicles and go shopping… This takes away 2 lanes of a 4 lane road. The bikers want to get into those small places… They will try to get out of small places… They will try to get off the footpath… Pedestrians, no matter how busy the road is… there will be footover bridges… there will be subways… but they have to jump in front of a running car… or a running vehicle… they will not even wait that there is a red light for vehicles or green light for pedestrians.

All this sounds familiar… This is what happens on the road every morning and evening. You are one of them, or you are on the other side. Either ways we all suffer… How to handle this psychology…. A very interesting conversation with a traffic psychologist, a transportation engineer, an eye surgeon and a sleep expert. A very unique discussion on almost every aspect you have gone though in your driving years.

Podcast Credits

Concept, Ideation, Script, Voice, Editing by : Neha Tripathi

Cover art and Music by : Siddharth Tripathi (SidTree), Senior Journalist

Experts : 

1. Anagha Pulangotte, Traffic Psychologist  

2. Dr. Pushpa Chaudhary, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee

3. Dr. Sanjay Teotia, Senior Eye Surgeon

4. Dr. Sanjay Manchanda, Chairman, Senior Consultant, Department of Sleep Medicine, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

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