‘Working Hours’ in India – The Killer instinct

All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy. You must have heard this so many times. But do you know we are one of those jack. We work and work and work. No time to settle and think about its ill effects on our health. Just settle down for 38 minutes and listen to this very improtant and interesting relastiopnship of labour laws, health, nutrition with long working hours. We can’t avoid work but we can balance work with life and health. It’s very very easy. Listen and learn some tips from renowned experts.

Podcast Credits

Concept, Ideation, Script, Voice, Editing by : Neha Tripathi

Cover art and Music by : Siddharth Tripathi (SidTree), Senior Journalist

Experts : 

1. Santanu Sarkar, Professor XLRI, Jamshedpur  

2. Dr. Vivek Chaturvedi, Cardiologist  

3. Dr. Manushree Gupta, Psychiatrist  

4. Dr. Sesikeran Boindala, Former Director, National Institute of Nutrition

Wanna Read ? Here are the Transcripts in English & Hindi

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