Fascinating Science of Lullabies

Lullabies have a special place in our lives. We all remember our mother singing lullabies for us. Many of us must be singing lullabies to our children as well. Here I have tried to decode almost all aspects of lullabies in our lives. From psychology of father singing lullaby for the child to benefits of lullabies for your child’s health. Listen to this podcast while driving, cooking, taking a walk, travelling in a metro, or taking a break from work. I am sure this will be very helpful for your life, relations, mind and soul.

Podcast Credits

Concept, Ideation, Script, Voice, Editing by : Neha Tripathi

Cover art and Music by : Siddharth Tripathi (SidTree), Senior Journalist

Lullabies sung by :

Aliya Yadav, 9 year old student
Alka Vikash, Music Teacher
Siddharth Tripathi (SidTree), Senior Journalist 

List Of Lullabies sung 

  • La la la la lori (Film : Mukti, 1977)
  • Chanda hai to mera suraj hai tu (Film : Aaradhana, 1969) 
  • Surmayee akhiyon mein nanha, munna ek Sapna de ja re (Film : Sadma, 1983)  
  • Aa ja ri aa nindiya (Film : Kunwara Bapp, 1974) 
  • Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye (Film : Masoom, 1960)
  • Chanda mama door ke (Film : Vachan, 1954) 
  • Lakdi ki kathi, Kathi pe ghoda (Film : Masoom, 1983) 

Experts :

1. Aastha Luthra, Clinical Music Therapist

2. Dr. Roma Kumar, Psychologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

3. Dr Sanjay Manchanda, Chairman, Senior Consultant, Department of Sleep Medicine, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

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