Should we stop our children from playing video games ? Important tips  for all of us 

Children are getting smarter with time. They are several generations ahead of us. So when it comes to make them follow your instructions, it is not an easy task.

Many of us do not consider online gaming to be bad… Some people even argue that playing video games is beneficial than spending time on social media or watching serials like Nag-Nagin and Saas-Bahu on TV… Many researches show that playing video games improve focus and language skills in children… A US study has found that playing video games increases the intelligence level of children… Apart from this, children’s cognitive abilities also improve. A research review published in American Psychologist journal shows that playing video games improve children’s learning, health and social skills… Are these games are  good or bad for our children – this is debatable… So, we do not get into this… Let us talk separately on both the good and the bad aspects… This will help us judge if we should let our children play games or stop them from doing so. Also, there are special tips on how to maintain the balance in gaming and studies without offending the child. 

This podcast brings to you easy solutions to tough problems like managing your child’s screen time and guiding them to play the right games. With the help of a game developer you will know how the games are designed with such engaging content and a pscyhologist will guide you with easy way out of this complex problem. Must listen to gamify your child’s life your way without hurting the child.  

Podcast Credits

Concept, Ideation, Script, Voice, Editing by : Neha Tripathi

Cover art and Music by : Siddharth Tripathi (SidTree), Senior Journalist

Young Gamer : Yashraj Tripathi

Game lovers : Talk about their favourite games

Experts : 

1. Hrishi Oberoi, Founder and CEO, Photon Tadpole Studio  

2. Radhika Acharya, Clinical Psychologist

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