Lord Shiva in the Newsroom

What is the connection between Lord Shiva and Media ? What would happen if Lord Shiva appears in a newsroom today ? Read here. How even in 21st century, the Shiva mantra for news is Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.

Today, a thought strike me over the morning tea –

‘What if Shiva existed today in the newsroom of a media organisation ?’ 

For Lord Shiva, in his unique tiger prints, sitting over Nandi, with Ganga over his head, snake around his neck, moon on his forehead and blue colour of his neck, the context of media would have been entirely different.  

Let’s try to imagine the different aspects of media from Lord Shiva’s perspective :

Anchoring = Fearless delivery
In media scenario, first thing that strikes a layman are the faces of the channels, the anchors. What would be anchoring in Shiva’s context ? Well, Anchor should deliver the content dauntlessly. Unlike today, he/she has to be free from all biases to deliver the perfect,  unbiased content.

Impartiality = ‘Bholenath’ image
One thing that is taught to anyone entering media is to be impartial. Now, who can be the best example of impartiality than Lord Shiva. He is totally impartial to everyone, be it Rama or Ravana. He is called bholenath because of this impartial gesture.

Creativity = Use Words like Weapons
It is very important for a journalist to be creatively different and truthful in his words and story narratives. In Shiva’s context words are like weapons. Shiva is the provider of weapons for the deities and warriors of his times. I read about an incident from Mahabharata, where Arjuna prays Shiva for Pashupat astra and gets it. In the same way, words are also like astras.  

Reporting = Narad Muni
Narayan…! Narayan…!
‘Narad Muni’, is considered as India’s first journalist since ages. Then and Now, he has the calibre to justify reporting in any era because he can mould his reporting style and skills according to situations, conditions and circumstances. Today’s reporters can take a cue from the all time favourite journalist.

Agenda in News = Serpent in Shiva’s neck
Agenda is part of news and media from the very beginning. Neutrality is a myth because while taking a truthful stand, media has to choose ‘what is right’. This agenda in news is like the serpent in Lord Shiva’s neck. He accepts the serpent of agenda, but never gets himself stacked in it. Rather, the agenda setters are scared of Lord Shiva’s third eye.

News = Venom in Shiva’s body
NEWS is everywhere, in different shapes, sizes and packets. But it is not the same now as compared to Narad Muni times. News by its nature has a lot of ‘vish’ in it and that venom has to be neutralised and converted into something meaningful. This venom is consumed by Shiva. And that’s why he is called ‘Neelkanth’.

Breaking News = Tandav
Mostly ‘Tandav’ is seen as negative, but here I am seeing a loud art form in it. Lord Shiva’s ‘Tandav’ can be seen in context of Breaking News in media. Also, this can be related to the scene in any newsroom when some news breaks in. Everyone is after the updates, story angle, bytes, visuals etc, etc. Any media person can relate to it very well.

News flow = Ganga flowing from Shiva’s tress
Lord Shiva holds the news flow just like he holds Ganga in his tress over his head. He knows how to react, how much to react and when to control the whole situation rather than going downstream with it.

Research = Shiva’s Silence
Shiva’s silence while meditating is almost like he is  doing in-depth research. While in silence, he keeps his third eye out for every happening around. This research is like the foundation stone of any news story. Such in-depth research is a must.

News 24*7 = Lord Shiva’s thought process
Lord Shiva has half closed eyes like he is alert all the time. This alertness which is very important in the news business. This can also mean that Lord Shiva never sleeps. He is into 24*7 continuous thought process.

Debate = The exterminator
Lord Shiva never goes negative, never gets depressed. He  believes in conversation and not debates. And even if he has to debate, it is full of content, not noise. He sees events and then tries to explain it to others, rather than imposing his ideologies on the masses.

Emotional touch = Moon on Lord Shiva’s forehead
Moon on Lord Shiva’s forehead is that state in which the three attributes of affection, mercifulness and motherly love are present. This can be related to the emotions captured via visuals, personal accounts, pictures and stories in media industry. Giving space to someone’s emotions and feelings on your forehead is a gesture similar to taking care of everyone around you.

Lord Shiva is the ‘God of Transformation’. I tried to take the best things from him and relate it to the contemporary media scenario.

So, even in 21st century, the Shiva mantra for news is Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.

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