Pyar Wala Podcast : Valentine’s Day Special

It’s Valentine’s Day… It is that time of the year when love blooms. So, Let’s dig deep into the concepts of love in this very special podcast. 
From love hormone vaccines to booster dose, Golden ratio to Odour print… Love has several extent to look out for. Hormonal changes in our body is different for love and commitment. 
Love poetry adds flavours and new dimensions to the concept of love. 
All this and much more in this podcast. 

Podcast Credits

Concept, Ideation, Script, Voice, Editing by : Neha Tripathi

Cover art and Music by : Siddharth Tripathi (SidTree), Senior Journalist

Experts : 

1. Dr. Malavika Kohli, Aesthetic dermalogist  

2. Dr. Roma Kumar, Psychologist  

Wanna Read ? Here are the Transcripts in English & Hindi

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