A robot that cleans septic tanks – HomoSep

Hi… I am HomoSep… I am a robot… I am made to do the work that people give their lives doing…No-no… I am not posted on the outskirts… I will be working in the drains around your house very soon… And what work I do… I clean the gutters… I have been created by Professor Prabhu Rajagopal of Center for Nondestructive Evaluation at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT Madras) and his team… Incubated with IIT Madras the start-up Solinas Integrity Private Limited is also giving me full cooperation in making… Are you wondering why the gutter cleaning robot has such an English name? Why do you call me HomoSep? Would you also like to know why I am needed? Why was I made? How was I made? My story is very interesting… Know everything here from the professor himself. Watch the video. Now let’s understand how I work… I have an umbrella that does all the cleaning in minutes… It is very easy to clean with me… The blades of my machine remain closed… They open when I am pushed inside the gutter… I am installed on a tractor… But what if there is no place for the tractor to enter your streets? Then how will cleaning happen… Scientists are making more robots like me… which can be mounted on motor bikes, vehicles, even bicycles and will run cleaning operations… But what if my size becomes smaller then my work will also become weak… I am small but not bad… I am perfect to work in small size in small space… as well as work in large space in large size… I am a robot… and I have come to make the work of humans easier… not to take away their work… so you all have to help me in being useful to you… Although it is very easy to use me… but a little training will be needed… how the training will be done ? Know all this and much more. Watch the video. I am coming soon to help the Safai Karamcharis… At present my ten units have been given to the Safai Karamcharis of Tamil Nadu… Who will learn to run me, work with my help… If they find anything missing in me, then scientists will to the modifications… so that my best form reaches you…

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