Happy ‘New Vaccine’ Year 2021

In Conversation with Renowned Vaccine Scientist Dr. Gagandeep Kang. She is talking at length about all aspects of Coronavirus Vaccine being developed at various Indian and World laboratories. The much awaited Coronavirus vaccine can be here any moment from now. Things are at the last stage. So we must be aware of the basics of the vaccine, its usage, effect, etc. 

  • Which vaccine will come first in the market ? 
  • Which one will get government approval ? 
  • What is emergency approval and how to get that ?  
  • How India is preparing to vaccinate its huge population ?
  • What is Plan A and Plan B for vaccinating the country ? 
  • How vaccine breaks the chain of spreading infection ?
  • What are the logistics to be taken care of ? 
  • How India will handle the storage issue ? 
  • How the vaccines will cure us ? 
  • How many dosages will be needed ? 

Know all this and much more from the expert.

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