Save your children from Intelligent Online Games

Online Games have been a saviour in the corona times for our children. But as they say Everything comes with a package of ‘advantage’ and ‘disadvantage’. So has been the case of Online Games. So, here are two videos attached. First one above serves the questions like 
– Why our children are so much addicted to online games ? 
– How these online games are made so engaging ? 
– What goes on in a developer’s mind while developing the violent games ? 
– What is the secret behind the ‘glue’ and the logic behind the violence in these games. 
Many more such genuine questions are answered by expert involved in designing and making of online games. 

These engaging Online Games have become an area of concern for parents like us. So, if you are tired of your child’s addiction to Online Games, let’s not discuss the problems, rather focus on solutions here. 
– Who is responsible for our children inclination to Online Games ? 
– How to stop your child from playing excessive Online Games ? 
– How to divert your children without any nagging ? 
– Screen time balance is missing in your child’s life, how to get it back ? 

Both the videos are inter-related. Watch them one by one and understand your child’s psychology.  

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