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Illuminate your New Year !!!

Wish you all a very happy new year 2020 !!! 

New year is celebrated all over the world with big bangs… celebrations… parties… fireworks, etc… I am sure you also must have enjoyed the moment thoroughly… It all starts on the evening of 31st December and continues till early morning of January 1… 


Do you know – 

The new year was not always celebrated in January… The Ancient Roman calendar used to follow the lunar cycle, and had the new year beginning in March… Then, in 46 B.C., Julius Caesar created the Julian calendar, which set the new year to Jan 1… Starting the new year in January was partially done to honour the god Janus, for whom the month was named… 

Do you know  

New year is not celebrated all around the world at once… Off course we all know, this is because there are more than 24 different time zones in the world, which means that New Year is celebrated at different times throughout the world. 

Do you know – 

Which country is the first to celebrate new year ?

New year is first celebrated on the small island nations of Kiribati in the central Pacific ocean. The populartion is just over 1,10,000. 

Do you know – 

Which country is the last to celebrate new year ?

The last to celebrate will be uninhabited US territories like Baker Island and Howland Island. 

Howland and Baker Islands, technically have the latest times on earth, but are both uninhabited. 


Interestingly, American Samoa and the independent nation of Samoa lie approximately 80 kilometers away from each other, but will celebrate the new year 23 hours apart. 

Do you know – 

– The Jewish calendar is lunar, and its New Year’s festival, Rosh Hashanah, is typically celebrated between September and October. 

– The Islamic calendar is also lunar, and the timing of the new year, Hijri, can drift significantly between September to December. 

– The Chinese calendar is also lunar, but the Chinese New Year falls between Jan. 21 and Feb. 20.

Do you know – 

In India it is completely different. There are numerous days throughout the year celebrated as New Year’s day in the different regions of the country… and we celebrate new year many times every year… Off course we welcome the new year on Jan 1… But then we have our personal new year dates as well… 

Do you know – 

There are two school of thoughts in Indian Hindu calendar. One is Solar and another one Lunar. New year in India is celebrated in various regions at various times of the year depending on solar or lunar calendars. These school of thoughts are driven by Aryan and Dravidian calendar system. So for some hindus Chitra is the first month and some other Vaisakha is first month. 

Do you know – Hindi New Year in 2020 is on the Wednesday, 25th of Mar i.e. 25/03/2020. It will be the 85th day of 2020. 

Just check out the list below… 

Baisakhi – Punjabi New Year 

Puthandu – Tamil New Year 

Ugadi – Telugu New Year’s day for the Hindus of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana. 

Gudi Padwa – Marathi New Year day Celebrated in Maharashtra, Goa and Konkan belt. 

Bohag Bihu – Assamese New Year 

Pohela Boishakh – Bengali New Year 

Bestu Varas – Gujarati New Year 

Vishu – Malayalam New Year 

Hijri – Islamic New Year 

Losoong – Sikkimese New Year 

Navreh – Kashmiri New Year

Pana Sankranti, Orissa 

In the end let’s greet each other ‘Happy New Year’ in Different Indian Languages : 

Hindi : Naya Saal Mubaarak Ho 

Sanskrit : Nav Varsh Abhinandanam 

Urdu : Saal-e Naw Mubarak/ Naya Saal Mubarak 

Assamese: Notun Bosoror (S)hubeksha Jonalu 

Bengali : Shubho Nabobarsho 

Gujarati : Saal Mubaarak 

Kannada :  Hosa Varshadha Shubhasheyagalu 

Kashmiri : Nav Roz Mubarak 

Konkani : Bhagi Novem Voras / Sontosbhorith Nove Voras 

Malayalam : Putiya Varsha Aashamsagal 

Marathi : Naveen Varshachya Shubhechha 

Manipuri : Cheiraoba Yaifare 

Nepali : Naya Barsha Ko Subhakamana 

Odia : Naba Barsha Ra Hardika Shubhechha 

Punjabi : Nave Saal Diyan Lakh Lakh Vadhaiyan 

Sindhi : Nain Saal Joon Wadhayoon 

Tamil : Puthaandu Valttukkal 

Telugu : Nutana Sanvatsara Subhakanksalu 

Last but not the least… Whenever an year passes, we remember old times and say – ‘Time flies’… I believe that ‘Time never flies… it moves at its own pace.’ We feel good times as it flew and bad times as it took too long to pass… This is just the ‘Theory of Relativity’… 

Hope you had a good read… Happy New Year !!! 

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