Are you working for Facebook… and that too for free ?

I was surfing on social media when I read this killing one… 

पहले कहते थे – नेकी कर, दरिया में डाल
आज कहते हैं – कुछ भी कर, फेसबुक पर डाल 

This is exactly what I was thinking for last few days, specially after Cambridge Analytica episode. Facebook has been in news for all the wrong reasons. It’s creator, the god of Social Media upsurge is being questioned and had to apologise for not being able to safeguard personal data of Facebook users. The minimum that any social media company can do for its users. 

Another joke that is making its way on social media is about Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to India. It goes like…

मार्क ज़करबर्ग भारत आया और एयरपोर्ट के पास उसकी कार  एक दिल्लीवाले की कार   से टकरा गई… 
दिल्लीवाला (गुस्से में): तू जानता है मै कौन हूँ ?
ज़करबर्ग: हाँ ! तू रामफल  है। तेरे FB पर 451 दोस्त हैं जिनमें से 35 महिलाएँ हैं, जिनसे तू मैसेंजर पर पर्सनल चैटिंग करता है। इनमें से 10 के तूने 3 दिन पहले डाटा रिचार्ज करवाये हैं अपने क्रेडिट कार्ड से। कार्ड का नम्बर बताऊँ? तेरी बीवी कम्मो को इनके बारे में नहीं पता। उसका मोबाइल नंबर है मेरे पास। पिछले महीने गोआ का तेरा और तेरी फ़्रेन्ड एंजेल का टिकेट ग्लोबल ट्रेवल्स ने बुक किया था। रीजेंट होटल  में तू और
दिल्लीवाला: भाई, तू तो नाराज़ हो गया। मैं मान तो रहा हूँ कि ग़लती मेरी थी। 😜😛😝

There are many more like this. Can you get the joke ? By quoting this joke, I am just trying to warn you about the repercussions of your habit of sharing each and everything on Facebook. An old saying goes like – “If you’re not paying for a product, then you’re the product,” That is what Facebook has done to us. 

We are the product kept on shiny shelves of that virtual facebook showroom, moreover we all are emotional employees of Facebook because we are working day and night for Facebook, creating content, tagging every moment and creating precious database of emotions of 2 billion people.

What is the first thing that you do in the morning ? Check your phone for Facebook updates. Then, while getting ready for work, your mind thinks about Facebook. In office, after office, on the way home, at home, in kitchen, in washroom, with friends, with family… almost everywhere you just keep checking for more updates.  and collecting raw material for your own status updates.

Facebook is an addiction
Rather I should say,
Facebook has hired you for free to fulfil it’s KRA (Key Responsibility Areas).
It is the duty of social media to engage you in making profiles, posting updates, share content, and socialize. Virtual socialising is in, for quite some time now… So are virtual concerns.

Facebook has made YOU the product.  It is creeping into your mind and relationships. Mind says, go for it… Heart says go for it… and if you assess your day before going to bed, you would realise you spent your valuable time during the day, actually doing nothing… just ‘Facebook’ing. 

I am not a fan of Facebook, still I check Facebook to get updates every now and then. It is like a habit… The fingers on the tab goes itself to the Facebook app to look out for what the world is doing… Or You make a post on Facebook, and then keep coming back again and again to check the Timeline, for number of likes, comments, emojis reaction, etc on your post. 

This has just become a way to show off. Crime stories to deciding sentences for the crime,… Candle march to Insaf ki Ladai… Gatheirng people by posting on Facebook, even calling ‘Bharat Band’ via some post where the real identity of the person or party calling ‘Bharat Band’ is unknown.

Write anything about anyone, make as many stories as possible… People would not only believe on these updates but also make pre-assumptions about a crime, situation or decision. Facebook can very easily motivate or demotivate people. It is very easy to get thousands of followers and these followers help you in boasting your accomplishments. 

Facebook has become one stop destination to all psychological trauma. Via Facebook, we peep into other’s lives… We get emotional with the updates on Facebook… and take decisions about our lives… Our happiness depends on Facebook updates… Sometimes these updates make us sad… and at times vulnerable… A study also suggests that looking at other people’s Facebook posts — often happy or bragging about achievements  or accomplishments — may make people feel more dissatisfied about their lives.

You are continuously updating your profile. What for ??? Updates, Likes, Emojis, Comments, Friend, Unfriend, etc. etc. Most disgusting is, you are doing all this for  free, and the tech tycoons earn all the profit, i.e. make money.

So, How to break free ? Delete Facebook form your life ?

These days Almost all of us, get up in the morning with ting…ting on our phone. Then, whether you are leaving for office, or your kids are leaving for school, you are going out for a party in the evening or on a date with your wife… going out of station for work or fun… Your kids annual day function or some sporty activity… Sharing each and every thing… your achievements, awards, recognitions, gym updates etc. etc. The list is endless and so are the updates. 

No doubt, Facebook knows your routine better than you in the age of information technology, revealing so much about you on an internet platform is very dangerous. You are by no means allowing people to know your and your family’s whereabouts. You are yourself inviting people to come to you, without any guilt or hesitation. 

Your popularity depends on How many likes you get on your post ? How many people react to your profile picture. Dilemma is, a profile picture gets hundred likes, while some serious content goes unnoticed. Agendas get all the attention, genuine efforts go in vain. This is tried and tested, I have been observing this trend on Facebook for quite some time now, even before Cambridge Analytica episode.

By deleting Facebook would you be able to get rid of it ? 

This is a debate going on social media platforms since Facebook has been torn apart after the Cambridge Analytica controversy. Hence proved, your details on Facebook is not secured. Your profile, your pictures, your personal information…everything is in danger and too much personal sharing on social media can get you in danger anytime. 

Trust me, the situation is even worse.

A few things that you should immediately delete from your Facebook account is your birthday, phone number, photos of your children and family members, your whereabouts, location services, credit card details etc. 

This is the truth of your relationship with Facebook :
Facebook has hired you to work for it, and that too for free.

So, please remember Facebook entered your life as your friend but is now eating up all your creativity, time, efforts, friends, relationships. So, it is the best time to judge your priorities and take a tough decision on the free services you are giving to Facebook.


**Featured photo illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast

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