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12 March : From glasses to bottles… the complicated journey of Coca Cola

It's truly said that anything that makes a mark in history requires lot of hard work, dedication and luck. Same was the case with our favourite Coca Cola. Inspite of controversies, the brand continues to survive. Thanda Matlab Coca Cola...

Today is a special day in the journey of Coca Cola starting from 1886. 

In its early years, our favourite soft drink Coca-Cola was used to be served in glasses… It was only in 1894 that Coca Cola was bottled for the first time and the bottle used to look like this.

It was today in 1894, almost 8 years after Coca Cola was prepared, that the bottled drink was sold in the market. This is the first bottle designed for Coca Cola. As you can see, it is a square-like design. The first bottles were sold in a sweet shop in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

One of the bottle that never went on sale because of its wrong design. The middle was broader than the base, so it could not stand properly.


After Coca Cola hit the market, priority was to make it available to the masses, off course at a reasonable price. So, from 1886 to 1959, the price of Coca-Cola was fixed at five cents. During the first year, sales averaged a modest nine servings per day in Atlanta. Today, daily servings of Coca‑Cola beverages are estimated at 1.9 billion globally.

The drink’s name refers to two of its original ingredients, which were kola nuts (a source of caffeine) and coca leaves.


1894 में आज पहली बार Coca-Cola बिक्री के लिए मार्केट में उतारी गई थी. इस soft drink को पहली बार अमेरिका के Mississippi में soda fountain operator Joseph Biedenharn लेकर आए थे. हालंकि इसे बनाने वाले Colonel John Pemberton थे. Civil War के दौरान morphine के आदी हो चुके Pemberton ने कम हानिकारक substitute के तौर पर French Wine Coca वनाया था. Pemberton का दावा था कि Coca-Cola से morphine addiction, dyspepsia, neurasthenia, और सिर दर्द का इलाज होता है.

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