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10 Feb : The Killer Boxing Match

A boxing game that ended a life, Sounds disgusting but this is a true incident. Sometimes history is not so good to remember but we can't deny that they exist.

Today in 1933, was a sad day in boxing.

A boxing match at Madison Square Garden in New York City, between Ernie Schaff and Primo Carnera,Β ended in a blow that put Ernie Schaaf into coma, and ultimately ended his life four days later.

Primo Carnera, was five inches taller and over fifty pounds heavier than Ernie Schaaf. Carnera was 6’7” and weighed in at 264 pounds. Carnera’s wingspan was 85”. Schaaf was 6’2” and a comparatively light 207 pounds and his wingspan was 75”.

Must watch this video specially the final punch at 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

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