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15 Jan : Birth of a revolution on Internet

Any question in mind... Wikipedia has all the answers. This was nothing less than a revolution. It all began in 2001 and we all know where it stands today. Let’s find out who is the brain behind Wikipedia ?

Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia is 23 years old today. It’s a website of its own kind that anyone can edit. Brainchild of two American Internet entrepreneurs Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, Wikipedia has made life so easy. Anything and everything is available at just one click. It has changed the use of internet forever since 2001.

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There is a grand total of over 38 million articles in over 250 different languages, including all Wikipedia.

500 million people use wikipedia every month.
The most edited Wikipedia page ever belongs to George W. Bush.

Wikipedia has different sections 
Wiktionary – It aims to describe all words of all languages using definitions and descriptions in English.
Wikibooks – a free library of educational textbooks that anyone can edit
Wikiversity – project devoted to learning resources, learning projects and research for use in all levels, types, and styles of education from pre-school to university, including professional training and informal learning.
Wkihow – A venture trying to help everyone on the planet learn how to do anything.

Note : A wiki is a website which allows collaborative modification of its content and structure directly from the web browser.

Theme song for Wikipedia (Small part of the song)
Hotel Wikipedia

Welcome to the Hotel Wikipedia
Such a lovely place
So much empty space
Plenty of work at the Hotel Wikipedia
Any time of year
You can find us here…

It was released in 2004 and based on the Eagles’ 1976 song Hotel California.

विकीपीडिया… आज ही के दिन 2001 में दो अमेरिकी इंटरनेट व्यवसायी ने ये क्रांतिकारी वेबसाइट शुरु की। जिमी वेल्स और लैरी सैंगर ने इसकी नींव 19 साल पहले रखी थी, जब इंटरनेट की दुनिया अपने शुरुआती दौर में थी। आज हमारे हर सवाल का जवाब विकीपीडिया के पास है। ये इतना बड़ा database बन गया है कि दुनिया के किसी भी  कोने के बारे में जानकारी चाहिए तो बस एक क्लिक पर सब कुछ आपके सामने आ जाता है। इसकी सबसे अच्छी बात ये है कि कोई भी कहीं भी बैठकर इसमें बदलाव कर सकता है।

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