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20 Dec : Bulbs were ignited for the mankind

Invention of bulb is credited to Thomas Alva Edison. When it comes to supplying electricity to the bulb, there are many ways. One of them is via nuclear power. Know how.

Life without electricity is unimaginable today, but it was a reality in the past. 
Today is a landmark day in the history of Electricity. Today in 1951, electricity was produced from nuclear power reactor.
The EBR-I (experimental breeder reactor I) became the world’s first electricity-generating nuclear power plant when it produced electricity. It was the first to use plutonium to generate electricity.
It could light four 200-W light bulbs. A day later, the reactor produced enough power to light the whole building. The plant produced 200 kW of electricity from 1.4 MW of heat that the reactor generated.
It was designed by Nuclear Physicist Walter Zinn. It was not intended to produce electricity, but to test the theory that a breeder reactor was possible.

1951 में आज दुनिया में पहली बार न्यूक्लियर पावर रियेक्टर से बिजली बनाई गई थी। अमेरिका में हुई इस कोशिश से शुरुआत में 200 Watt के 4 बल्ब जलाने में सफलता मिली थी। ये परमाणु ऊर्जा क्रांति की शुरुआत थी।

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