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12 Dec : How Delhi became Capital of India ?

Do you know Delhi was not the first choice to be the capital of India. Delhi had to wait and struggle to achieve the title for many years. Who was honoured with the title and why, know here

Delhi was announced the official capital of India today in 1911. Before this Kolkata (then Calcutta) was honoured to be the capital. 

Today in 1911, during the Delhi Durbar, George V, the then Emperor of India, along with Queen Mary, his Consort, made the announcement that the capital of the Raj was to be shifted from Calcutta to Delhi. One of the reasons for declaring it the capital was that Delhi was the financial and political centre of many empires that had earlier ruled India.

Formal inauguration was done almost 20 years later in 1931. 
Meanwhile planning and architecture for Delhi were done by two British architects, Herbert Baker and Edwin Lutyens. They were among the leading architects in Britain then. Once the plan was sanctioned, the contract of building the city was endowed on Sobha Singh. The construction work began after the First World War and the whole construction got over by 1931.

Delhi is neither a State, nor a Union Territory. It used to be a full fledged Union Territory till 1991, when the 69th amendment of the Constitution gave it a special status. The amendment declared the Union Territory of Delhi to be formally known as National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The name “New Delhi” was given in 1927.


1911 में आज ही के दिन दिल्ली को ब्रिटिश भारत की राजधानी घोषित किया गया था। इससे पहले तक कोलकाता ब्रिटिश भारत की राजधानी थी। इस समारोह के लिए उत्तरी दिल्ली के बुराड़ी में खास तौर पर दिल्ली दरबार बनाया गया था। और उस दिन King George Fifth और Queen Mary of Teck की ब्रिटिश भारत के राजा और रानी के तौर पर ताजपोशी भी की गई थी।

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