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9 Dec : First Parliament of India

This was the first Parliament of India. It was proposed in 1934 and first meeting was held in 1946. Aim of this constituent assembly was to form the constitution.

An idea for a Constituent Assembly of India was proposed in 1934 by M. N. Roy, a pioneer of the Communist movement in India and an advocate of radical democracy. It became an official demand of the Indian National Congress in 1935, and was accepted by the British in August 1940.
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The Constituent assembly was the First parliament of Independent India.
First meeting of the Constituent Assembly was held today in 1946. It was attended by 205 members, including 9 women under the chairmanship of Dr. Sachchidananda Sinha. The last session was held on 24 January 1950. During this period (two years, eleven months and eighteen days) the Assembly held eleven sessions, sitting for a total of 166 days.

1946 में आज भारत का संविधान तैयार करने के लिए पहली बार संविधान सभा ने दिल्ली में बैठक की थी। संविधान सभा की आखिरी बैठक 24 जनवरी 1950 को हुई थी। इन 2 वर्ष और 11 महीनों में आज़ाद भारत को अपना संविधान मिला था।

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