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3 Dec : Neon lights – Then and now

Neon lights were first used in a motor show in Paris. The first neon lights were red in colour. But later, many games apart from neon were used, thus giving different colours.


Today in 1910, the first neon lights went on show at the Paris motor show by a French man George Claude. He was also considered to be “the Edison of France”.

The first neon lights were 35 metre long and red in colour.

Neon lights are named after the noble gas Neon that was originally used at the Paris Motor Show, but now many gases are used to give off many different colors. Gases create the colors as follows :

Neon – Red
Helium – Yellow/Gold
Carbon Dioxide – White
Mercury – Blue 


Neon lights work when you fill a tube with a low pressure mixture of air and a certain gas. The ends are then sealed off with metal electrodes. When high voltage electricity is run through it, the gas ionizes which in turn causes it to glow a specific color. The tubes can be bent into any shape and be any size to create elegant, light-up pieces of signage or artwork as it is considered by many.


While experimenting on liquid air, Sir William Ramsay and Morris Travers discovered neon in 1898. 

1910 में आज Paris Motor Show में French engineer Georges Claude ने पहली बार आधुनिक neon lighting को लोगों के सामने रखा था । Neon lighting खास तौर पर signage और displays में इस्तेमाल की जाती हैं। उस समय आधुनिक neon lighting की तकनीक काफी लोकप्रिय हुई थी। जिसकी वजह से Georges Claude को “the Edison of France” भी कहा जाता था।

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