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28 Nov : William Shakespeare licensed his marriage

Marriages are made in heaven but are licensed on earth. Marriages were licensed way back in 1582 as well. Sounds interesting !

This is the license for famous writer, poet and actor William Shakespeare as Anne Hathaway. They were married in 1582, when he was 18 and she was 25 years old. This marriage bond, dated November 28, 1582 states that there was nothing to prevent William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway’s marriage from taking place. The bishop of Worcester, who issued the marriage license would be safeguarded from any future possible objections. They paid a 40-pound bond for their marriage license.

A sketch of Anne Hathaway (William Shakespeare wife)


1582 में आज मशहूर कवि और लेखक विलियम शेक्सपियर और Anne Hathaway ने चालीस ब्रिटिश पाउंड देकर अपनी शादी के लाइसेंस का आवेदन किया था। उस दौर में बिना मैरेज लाइसेंस बनवाए शादी करना गैर कानूनी था।

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