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26 Nov : Introduction of Technicolour films to the world

This is the era when we aim of 4K content. This is the era of when we are watching 3D movies. But once upon a time producing colour films was also a challenge. One of these challenges were met today in 1922. World’s first technicolor film ’The Toll of the Sea’ was premiered. It is an American silent drama film, produced by the Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation, released by Metro Pictures.

The film premiered at the Rialto Theatre in New York City, and went into general release on 22 January 1923.

The first Technicolor color feature did not require a special projector to be shown. All scenes of The Toll of the Sea were shot under “natural light” and outdoors, with the one “interior” scene shot in sunlight under a muslin sheet.

1922 में आज पहली Technicolour या coloured motion picture फिल्म ‘The Toll of the Sea’ रिलीज़ हुई थी। 53 min की इस फिल्म की खास बात ये थी कि ये two tone फिल्म थी। यानी इस फिल्म में black and white के अलावा लाल और हरा रंग भी दिखाई देता था।

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