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21 Nov : A day dedicated to Television

You often watch television and today you have got official license for the same. Why ?
Do you know today is dedicated to television since 1996.

United Nations General Assembly declared 21 November as World Television day. The first World Television Forum was staged by the United Nations and it was out of this event that World Television Day was born. So enjoy watching TV as the most obvious way to celebrate World Television Day is by watching television.

Baird in 1925 with his televisor equipment and dummies james and stooky bill


The first known photograph of a moving image produced by baird televisor circa 1926


The first mass produced television set which sold in 1946-1947

आज World Television Day है। 1996 में United Nations General Assembly ने आपकी और हमारी जिंदगी में Television के महत्व को समझते हुए इस दिन को TV के नाम कर दिया था।

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