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7 Nov : President of America… for the fourth time

It was not possible after 1951 to be the President of America for more than two terms. But he created history 6 years before that.
He became the President of America for the fourth time today in 1944. This is a record in itself.

He was Franklin D Roosevelt. He was in office from 1933 to 1945 till his death. During this tenure, Roosevelt presided over two of the biggest crises in U.S. history: the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II.

In 1921, at the age of 29, he contracted polio and thereafter was burdened with leg braces; eventually, he was confined to a wheelchair.

He became the first sitting president to journey via airplane – and the first sitting president to leave the country in wartime.

Franklin Roosevelt was related to 11 other presidents.

1944 में फ्रैंकलिन डी रूज़वेल्ट को चौथी बार अमेरिका का राष्ट्रपति चुना गया..। ये अपने आप में रिकॉर्ड है।

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