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4 Nov : World knew the secret to relieve pain finally

We all know about chloroform. It is used an an anaesthesia by the doctors. It was today in 1847 when first time chloroform was used for anaesthetic purpose. Sir James Young Simpson, an eminent Scottish obstetrician, introduced the medical use of chloroform as an anesthetic.

The story :
Earlier in 1847, Simpson had begun using ether to relieve the pain of childbirth, but was dissatisfied. On the evening of November 4, 1847, Simpson and two doctor friends tried inhaling chloroform and it knocked them unconscious. James Simpson then tried it on a patient. It was a great success. The use of chloroform made childbirth much less painful for women. The first baby born to a mother who received chloroform for pain was named Anaesthesia.

Chloroform is about 40 times as sweet as sugar. 

1847 में आज chloroform की बेहोश करने वाली क्षमता को scottish वैज्ञानिक Sir James Simpson ने दुनिया के सामने रखा था। उस दौर में chloroform का प्रयोग surgeries के दौरान किया जाने लगा था। खास तौर पर प्रेग्नेंट औरतों के लिए ये एक वरदान साबित हुआ… डिलीवरी के समय होने वाले असहनीय दर्द को chloroform की मदद से कम किया जा सका… chloroform की मदद से पैदा हुए पहले बच्चे का नाम anaesthesia रखा गया…

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