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19 Oct : That’s how first discotheque of the world was born

Have you ever danced to the beats of a DJ in a discotheque ?
All of us have. But do you know from where all this started? When was the first time people danced to the tunes in a discotheque.
It was today in 1959, when World’s first discotheque was opened in Ashen, Germany. The name was Scotch club. It was just another dance hall, but this time the owner didn’t want to hire a band and used a record player instead.
Moreover, the newspaper journalist Klaus Quirini, who came to cover the event got bored, along with many visitors, with the music being played. He used the style common with many radio news reporters, announcing songs and audience games and giving comments.
The first song he played was the chart hit Ein Schiff wird kommen by Lale Andersen. His style was immediately popular, and he from then on remained the disc-jockey, the first DJ ever.

1959 में दुनिया का पहला डिस्कोथेक जर्मनी में खुला था। जर्मनी के शहर आशेन में खुले इस पहले डिस्को का नाम था स्कॉच क्लब। माना जाता है कि इस डिस्को के उद्धाटन की रिपोर्टिंग करने आए पत्रकार Klaus Quirini ने अचानक record player का control अपने हाथों में लेते हुए, हर गीत का चुनाव खुद किया। खुद ही उसको announce किया और audience games के साथ लोगों का मनोरंजन किया। इसी के साथ Klaus Quirini पहले DJ यानी disc-jockey भी बन गए थे।

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