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17 Oct : Mother teresa awarded Nobel Prize

Mother figure for the World… Mother Teresa got her Nobel Prize today in 1979.

I take this opportunity to help you meet the woman who is known for her good works for the poor and needy. 
1. She was just 12 when she decided to devote her life the way she lived it.
2. At the age of 18 she left her home and never went back or saw her family.
3. She became nun in 1931.
4. At the age of 19 she moved to Darjeeling, India.
5. At first she was a teacher of history and geography in Calcutta at St. Mary’s, a high school for the daughters of the wealthy.
6. She remained there for 15 years and enjoyed the work, but was distressed by the poverty she saw all around her.
7. Finally in 1946, she realized what her true calling was: “I heard the call to give up all and follow Christ into the slums to serve him among the poorest of the poor.”
8. She took 2 years of preparation after joining a nursing course, and setting aside her nun’s habit.
9. In 1948, she wore the simple sari and took the look that she is remembered for.
1o. The journey began but it was not that easy. One of her first projects was to teach the children of the poor.
11. She taught children to read and write by writing in the dirt with sticks.
12. Teresa also taught children basic hygiene.
13. Mother Teresa went on a path all alone, but was soon followed by volunteers.
14. Slowly and steadily Mother Teresa became hope for the poor, orphans, homeless people.
15. She took her last breath on 5 September, 1997 and taught the world how to live and die for a mission.

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