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7 Oct : Moon’s ‘Dark Side’ clicked

‘Dark side’ or the ‘Far side’ of the moon (the surface which is not visible clearly from the earth) could be seen for the first time. Thanks to Luna 3, a Soviet spacecraft launched in 1959 as part of the Luna programme.

It was the first ever mission to photograph the far side of the moon.

Although the picture quality was very poor as compared to the later standards, the historic never before seen views of the moon were exciting and interesting. 

It was the third space probe to be sent to the moon followed by the United States with Ranger 7, Ranger 8, and Ranger 9.

1959 में आज सोवियत संघ के अंतरिक्ष यान Luna 3 ने चांद की पहली दुर्लभ तस्वीरें भेजी थीं। Luna 3 ने चांद के उस हिस्से की तस्वीरें भेजी थीं जो कि धरती से आम तौर पर कम ही दिखाई देता है। इसलिए इस हिस्से को The Dark side of the moon भी कहा जाता है।

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