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Post Mortem का Simple विज्ञान

Post mortem is a technical process, it should not be put under media trial. These days everyone is doing Post Mortem of Post Mortem. Forensic experts are sitting on every news channel, giving their opinion. The need is to understand the Simple Science of Post Mortem. For this, I made a science call to the country’s renowned forensic expert Dr. Tirath Das Dogra, who did the post mortem of former Prime Minister of the country Indira Gandhi. We had a conversation of about an hour and a half, in which he talked about Indira Gandhi case as well as many other high-profile cases like Nithari killings, Aarushi-Hemraj massacre, etc. I am sharing some excerpts of this conversation for you here. If you want to understand the Simple Science of post mortem, then watch this video.

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