16 Aug : Cartoons come in variety, this time its with sound

There was a time when cartoon films meant Mickey Mouse. 

But today we are talking about another cartoon film created by the co-creator of Mickey Mouse, Ub Iwerks. Thus, world’s first coloured cartoon with sound premiered on today in 1930. 

Name of the film is Fiddle-sticks. It is a 6 minute 12 seconds long film which made its character ‘The flip frog’ popular. This cartoon was featured in 38 Iwerks’ cartoons over three years. 

‘Flip the Frog- Fiddlesticks’ became the world’s first coloured cartoon with synchronized sound in 1930. It was Iwerks’ first creation under his banner. This frog was a human-like musical frog named Flip. The cartoon also appeared in the music video for rapper Eminem’s song ‘The Real Slim Shady’. 


1930 में आज दुनिया की पहली colour animated sound cartoon फिल्म release हुई थी । 6 मिनट 12 सेकेंड की इस फिल्म का नाम था Fiddle-sticks.. जिसे अमेरिकी animator Ub Iwerks ने बनाया था । Ub Iwerks वहीं cartoonist थे जिन्होंने 1928 में Walt Disney के साथ मिल कर Mickey Mouse की रचना की थी । Fiddle-sticks को दुनिया का पहला  animated sound cartoon माना जाता है ।  

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