14 Aug : The first Beauty pageants

These days Winning Beauty pageants is a status symbol for a country. But it all started with the aim of attracting more tourists. We are lucky enough to witness some brilliant winners of Miss India, Miss World, Miss Universe, etc. All this started way back in 1800s. 

Today marks a remarkable day in beauty pageants history. 1908 brought beauty in our lives via the Beauty contests. All beauty contests have their history linked to folkestone where in 1908 the first ever International beauty contest was born. It was conceptualised by Robert Forsyth, an Edwardian entrepreneur and the Managing Director of Folkestone Pier. One fine morning, he came up with a brilliant idea of a beauty pageant. The first winner was Nellie Jarman from London, who became Miss Folkestone 1908. 

This was an international one, but, do you know when the first beauty contest took place. It was in 1880 in Delaware. It was conceived by American showman P T Barnum. More interestingly, the panel of expert judges included Thomas Edison. 

The bathing costume or the swimming costume was introduced only in 1921 with Miss America Pageant. 

So, next time when you are watching a beauty pageant you know, how it started and changed over time. 


दुनिया का पहला International beauty contest आज 1908 में England के Folkestone (फोकस्टोन) में हुआ था…ये रॉबर्ट एडवर्ड, एक एडवर्डियन उद्यमी और फोकस्टोन पियर के प्रबंध निदेशक की सोच और समझ की वजह से मुमकिन हो सका था। इस beauty contest की पहली विजेता लंदन की नेली जेर्मन थीं, जो मिस फ़ॉकस्टोन 1908 बनीं। ये तो हुई International beauty contest की बात। 

क्या आप जानते हैं कि पहली सौंदर्य प्रतियोगिता कब हुई थी। यह 1880 में डेलावेयर में हुई थी। इसकी कल्पना अमेरिकी शोमैन पी. टी. बरनम ने की थी। अधिक दिलचस्प बात ये है कि judges/jury के पैनल में थॉमस एडिसन भी शामिल थे। 

वहीं इन beauty contests में bathing costume या swimming costume, 1921 में मिस अमेरिका पेजेंट के साथ शुरु की गई थी। 

तो अब जब आप कोई beauty contest देखेंगे तो आपको पता होगा कि ये सब कब, कैसे और कहाँ से शुरु हुआ था। 

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