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13 August : The story of ‘Stainless steel’

Stainless steel was produced for the first time today in 1913.
Credit goes to English metallurgist Harry Brearley.
He discovered that adding chromium to molten iron produced a metal that did not rust. This gave new life to the steel industry.
The efforts behind the discovery :
Basic problem encountered by an arms manufacturer was erosion of internal diameter of rifle barrels. This was due to heating and discharge gases. When Brearley was told about this he started looking for a steel better resistance to erosion than corrosion. After a series of experiments, he finally found the way out. Using first the crucible process, and then more successfully an electric furnace, a number of different melts of 6 to 15% chromium with varying carbon contents were made. The first true stainless steel was finally melted. It contained 0.24% carbon and 12.8% chromium. At that time, the steel was called ‘rustless steel’. Later, a local cutlery manufacturer Ernest Stuart gave the name ‘stainless steel’.

1913 में आज ब्रिटिश धातु विज्ञानी Harry Brearley ने पहली बार stainless steel को बनाया था. उस समय इस खास मिश्रित धातु यानी alloy को “rustless steel” यानी ज़ंग ना लगने वाले steel के नाम से जाना जाता था. बाद में इसे stainless Steel कहने का सुझाव उस समय के एक local cutlery manufacturer, Ernest Stuart ने दिया था.

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