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14 July : Nothing is too hot since 1850s

The Globe is Warming... The temperature is rising... It's too hot outside... Only instant relief is a glass of cold water... And for cold water we need refrigerators. Or the ice making machines...

The Globe is Warming… The temperature is rising… It’s too hot outside… Only instant relief is a glass of cold water… And for cold water we need refrigerators. 

We must thank the man who thought of today’s condition and needs, much before expected. Those days refrigerators were called ice machines.

The first patent for an ice machine was granted to John Gorrie, a physician, in 1851. However, he had built the first successful model of his invention in 1942.

It was not easy to survive with your invention, and get all the credits. Circumstances left Gorie financially ruined. He could not display his invention and tell the world… “I have created the ice machine.” Although you can make out his creation from the image below.

Gorrie is considered the father of refrigeration and air conditioning. But, finally in 1853, Alexander Twining received the first patent for an Ice Making Machine. The experiments that Twining conducted led to the first commercial refrigeration system, built in 1856. Twining also established the first way to produce bulk ice through artificial means.

In 1953 the Servel company first introduced a refrigerator with a built-in ice maker.
By the 1960s, refrigerators with built-in ice makers were widespread.
In 1965, Frigidaire introduced the first refrigerator with the ice maker in the door, along with a water dispenser, so that ice and water could be dispensed without having to open the appliance.
By 1985, ice cube maker storage had improved so that up to 12 pounds of ice could be kept on hand.
These days, companies are selling refrigerators on the lines of which one would make ice faster than others. This is USP of companies for selling refrigerators.

Ice making machine में पानी रखकर बर्फ बनाने का करिश्मा आज ही के दिन सन 1850 में किया गया था। अमेरिकी वैज्ञानिक Dr John Gorrie ने पहली बार ice making machine को बनाया था । और उन्होंने Florida में एक डिनर के दौरान दुनिया के सामने Ice Cubes पेश किए थे। 19 वीं सदी में malaria और yellow fever से होने वाले बुखार में मरीज़ों के लिए, बर्फ की ज़रुरत होती थी । ये ज़रुरत ही Dr John Gorrie की प्रेरणा बनी । अपने इस आविष्कार के लिए उन्हें father of refrigeration and air conditioning भी कहा जाता है ।

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